Protect Your Eyes! Shield Your Children!!!

OK, I gave you all fair warning about my before pics of my bedroom yesterday so here it goes: 

Here is our dysfunctional closet. The doors are never shut because there's never enough room in them.
The solution: We took SEVEN garbage bags of clothes to the clothing exchange!!! Whoot whoot!!!  Also the T-shirt-rug-in-the-works has been a great way to talk the hubby into ditching his old and worn out shirts. You would not believe how attached his is to his "favorite" shirts.
The plan is to get rid of the armoire and replace the doors with curtains. 

Another reason that it looked so awful is that the one door had to be off b/c of the armoire that blocked one side. It is my hubby's space. He decorated it with t shirt shreds (to protect the wood) and a various assortment of rocks pretty rocks.

OK, this is the WORST area. It has been driving me nuts! I didn't grow up in Alaska and the whole 24 hours of daylight thing doesn't really rock my world at three a.m. So I bought blackout curtains. They were an clearance. Yea, right? No, they ended up being just like an inch too small. Sunlight bouncing off all of that white and yellow is just about as bad as not having them.  We were using whatever dense material we had at the time to fill in the cracks. 
Solution: I turned the curtains sideways, sewed them together and then cut hem in half. Does that make sense? Basically I now have 2 properly wide curtains that are short instead of 2 long skinny curtains. 

I know you are all just in LOVE with my kennel set up we have going on there. It just kind of evolved. The dogs feel safer in their kennels and Indiana has a weird stomach so the kennel was a better solution thatn waking up to puke in your shoes, but it was time they moved out of the bedroom!
Solution: Down in the garage they went!

There's a nice look inside of the kennels for ya. You can see the wonderful pile of JUNK that just gets piled up there. and the plastic the hubs rigged up to cover the floor in case of accidents. SO GLAD THEY'RE GONE!!!!! Oh, and don't miss out on the tie dyed sheets we have going on. 

This is my "area" in the bedroom. Kind of organized, but the book shelf itself is just not the right size for the space and even though it is sorted roughly by color it still looks messy.

And, for the last hurrah, my basic builder grade light cover. With a light out none the less. 

OK, anyone have any vision left?  I'll give you a while to heal from that. 

Thankfully most of those problems have been completely remedied. Including the wall color, which while not mentioned, should have been pretty obvious.  Never letting the hubs pick out paint color EVER again!!! 

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