I'm Outta Here!!!

Today I am leaving for a second break from Alaska! I will be attending the Scentsy Convention in Fort Worth, Texas.I am so excited to be able to attend such an event. The ladies I work with here are a hoot and a half, I know we will have a blast! 

I will only be gone for a few days and this time I think I will have enough projects spread out while I am gone.  I would absolutely love it if I had a way to up date you while on my trip but $ doesn't allow for electronics like that right now. In the mean time....

Products from the Spring/Summer Catalog  are 10% OFF for the month of August!!!!!

If you are not familiar with Scentsy they are a company that sells wickless candles. You put wax cubes in the top of a warmer and a light bulb melts it from below. Safe and Simple and Beautiful. They come in all kids of sizes and designs.

They also make these ADORABLE stuffed animals called "Buddies." They have a zipper in the back where you stuff a little scent pack.  These are great for children to have a constant comforting smell even in new situations. They also make a lamb, an elephant, a frog, a pig and a monkey. See them all here.

Other things they make include scented tins, car candles, room sprays, and scented foaming hand sanitizer for on the go!



One last thing about Scentsy is that every year they pick a new cause to support. They make a warmer and designate it's proceeds to the cause. This years warmer is called "Piece by Piece" and is in support of Autism. You can lean more about it here.

So if you are getting low on something, need a replacement or just some retail therapy head over to my site  and save yourself some $$$ in August!

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