Cloche Consideration

Remember these guys?

And how I filled them with shells?

And then I got these guys.

To me they looked a little lonely so, when I was visiting a friend with a moss riddled yard I took a little off of his hands and gave them a nice cushy place to play. 

Sorry for the dark pictures, I took them at 2 am!  I would like for them to have a little bit of landscaping with some tiny succulents or branches but for now it will do. 

What do you think about the plates? I go them as a wedding present in a set of 4 but they don't match anything and so they have only been used as candle bases and water saucers under plants. I was worried that the moss would rot the wood bases that the cloches are made out of. 

How about you? playing with anything under glass lately?  I have 3 cloche settings pinned in my 
"2 B Knocked Off"  board on Pinterest that I am just in LOVE with!  Isn't glass just so fun to play with?

1 comment:

  1. Love it! In my world, I call these terrariums. :-) The cloches are awesome, and you made such great use of them! Well done.