Guest Bathroom- Before

I hope these will serve as "before" photos one day, hopefully sooner rather than later but it will all depend on what I happen upon in my thrifting. So here it is straight. 

This is the door, right next to the turtle tank, joy. That amazing slat door means Fred the turtle hears every detail.  

Walking inside you can see how small and bland it is. I made the vinyl on the shower door with my Cricut. 

I actually had to stand in the shower to get this one, one of my light's is out. Look at all that lovely wooden....backs plash? I think the previous owners were just trying to make the sink work even though it wasn't meant for a corner.

Speaking of the inside of the shower look at this! I actually really love this little bridge mural. It was here when we moved in.

Oh, yeah. You know dragon art is sexy in the bathroom.  *snort*

Speaking of things they tried to make work......I'll let you draw your own conclusions on this.

Just in case you missed it- the top and bottom are metal, the sides are wood.

This is the sink. It's clean. As clean as it's humanly possible to get this old, cracked, scratched, and who knows what else sink.

Oh, yeah. My dark wood hating self is just loving this towel rack.

And the cabinet for the sink is just as much of a turn on as the sink itself!

Now, this is my fault. I needed to get this light up ASAP and I didn't have time to go buy a can of texture so I just painted over it. A big no-no!

Well, wish me luck. I know I've also told you about the zillion other rooms I'd like to makeover but They just each have to come as the money comes and the good deals/free stuff comes. BUt now you know about our guest bathroom.

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