I Have Discovered Pinterest

Well, It's taken me long enough but I finally go on Pinterest an I LOVE it!!!

I am such a scatter brain add to that I'm easily distracted and  you have a thought process spaghetti bowl!
Pinterest is awesome for me since it helps categorize and file the ideas I see. 

Here is my board entitled "Home Inspiration"

Can you tell what color I have taken a liking to?

Here is one of my boards entitled "Organization" 

I am such a sucker for beautiful organization. 

One of my favorite things is using this idea for holidays. I always see really neat ideas that I'd like to try but then, by the time the holiday comes around, I've forgotten what it was. 

Thanks to Pinterest I'll have lots of inspiration when the holiday comes around. 

If you haven't checked it out yet give it a try! You will need an invite to get started. If you want one send my your e-mail and I'll get one to you!

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