Breathing Legs

Getting back into the swing of things and thinking of the 3 chairs I posted about a earlier, I decided to start with the table. 

 Originally I was going to paint the chairs different colors and the table too but I decided that this space it just too small for all that funk.  
Then I was going to leave them wood with accents of Leaping Lizards, the color of my dresser  and the kitchen cabinets. I decided that if I did that and then found my dream table I wouldn't be able to convince anyone that they wanted a slightly greenish-white table. 
Last thought was that if I just stuck to white at least I wouldn't have to repaint the highchairs and that did it, white it was. 
Since the high chairs have 2 different kinds of wood and I will be bringing in other chairs with different woods I thought I'd just leave the top the way it was, and you know what? Just changing the legs makes a HUGE difference!

If you're eyeballs are functional you will see that I replaced the rug in there too. It comes across as blue in pictures but it's really grey and it plays so much better int his room than that red one did. (Pretend you don't see old red trying to make it's way back into the picture) 

Anywho... There are 3 chairs calling my paint brush so I've got to go. 

Cost Break Down:

White paint: $0- left overs house paint, it's also been used here, here, and here.
Grey rug: $0- hubs found it for free on craigslist

Total Cost: $0

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