Tire Garden Update

Well, here she be! 

You may remember the funny little mishap that occurred when we  got her started back in this post, but now here she is alive and well!

See what I meant about he grass growing up around the sides? You can hardly even tell that it's two tires deep.

The strawberries I bought were a bust so instead the majority of the leafy stuff is cauliflower, the front 3 tires are onions, and there's some lettuce, mint, and basil in there too. 

We've already used the lettuce and it is AMAZING! One of the biggest reasons why we don't have salad more often is because of  size. We never eat a whole bag of salad before it goes bad. Being able to pick off just a few leaves at a time is a life saver!

And here's a peek at some of the other things we have going on :) 

Strawberries- DE-LISH!!!

Rhubarb and LOTS of goose berries

Sweet peas- finally making their way onto the trellis!

TONS of raspberries

Little green apples = fall pies!

Happy summer gardening!

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