Storage tricks anyone?

This fall my goal is to redo our mater bedroom. Well, if you can call it that. All of the rooms in our house are about the same size so there's nothing really "master" about it, especially since fitting a queen size bed in there is pushing it. 

What's it look like now? Well, I will spare you any current pictures until a before and after since I let my husband help pick out the colors but here's a ROUGH lay out for now. 

What's got to go top 5

1. The closet needs an over haul- big time.The 2 sets of bi-fold doors on the closets. They are cheap, fake wood, they never shut right, and they take up some very valuable space. The insides are just as bad. My husband has hauled a gun safe in there! The space between the doors goes unused because of that little section of wall in between. 

2. The dogs have to go! Dog kennels do not belong in bedrooms!  I would just ditch the kennels and let the dogs sleep on the floor but Lexi has eating issues-just trust me, she needs a kennel. 

3.  The furniture is too big for the room. The headboard is actually 3 pieces and the dresser covers up part of the closet AND the window!  Downsizing furniture is going to be the hardest part because my husband doesn't want to let them go. There's no special meaning to them he just bought them while he was living at home, he picked them out, he likes that they are dark wood, and he does have a point with the storage space. How do you pry things like this out of your hubby's hands? 

4. Do you think I can get rid of a door? If so which one? The regular door leads into a main hallway and the pocket door leas into a bathroom. There is another door in the hallway that goes from the hall way into the bathroom so I am thinking the pocket door could go.

5.  The color has to go. I know you can see it here but it is primary yellow and a dark purple. Yeah, It's as bad as it sounds and covering it up is going to be a nightmare. 

What do I like?

Pretty much anything you  could find on House of Turquoise would be awesome! It think blues/greens can lighten up a space SO much. 

Here are some I found through Google (click to go to their source)  

I am loving the simplicity of this look.

This one is a little dark for my taste but I like the black as a contrast.

Look at all that BIGHT! I'm in LOVE!!! Can just wrap this one up and send it home please?

As you can probably tell, I'm not really set on the color just yet. Anything on the teal-blue spectrum is still on the plate. I am LOVING white right now though, which is really strange for me. Usually I am all for a weird wacky color and I did see a few teal/ orange ones that looked pretty good so..... 

The one thing that is always attracting me though is the white. It think mostly because I REALLY need this space to seem as big and relaxing as possible.  Some board and batten would be nice.

What do I NEED?

The number 1, must have, biggest, most important thing for this room is that this space needs some seriously creative storage which none of these pictures really captured.

I'm thinking under-bed storage, wall hooks, storage seating, night stands, revamping the closet, and floor to ceiling shelves. Maybe I'll just nix all that and make the whole wall behind the bed custom built in storage. It's not like the next people who live here will have any choice on where their beds going to go either...

My ears and eyes are open!  If you have seen something seriously ingenious as far as storage goes let me know!!! 

Good thing I 'm giving myself a few months to figure out how I'm gonna pay for all this!

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  1. I agree with your get rid of's. If you do a smaller, flat headboard it will give you more room and make that wall look bigger. I would do under the bed storage, a closet organizer kit, like from Home Depot to add shelves and more hanging room in there. If you need a few shelves, but not for everyday use, I would put one up over the closet or window and use decorative poxes to hold whatever and look nice. A smaller dresser would work, or a storage bench with a seat cushion for under the window, duel purpose. Get rid of the pocket door and you can but a longer bookshelf. If you need drawers use decorative boxes or containers on it.
    I would do white walls, crazy even for me to say, and then accent with your blues, and you can use different ones. That way you have a clean open feel, and if you want to change the blues you can. (I had a blue room once, and the walls were to much.) You could do one wall blue and the rest white.
    As for convincing the hubby, have other storage ideas ready to show him and explain how much bigger the room will feel and look. And hope he agrees ;)