My Favorite Finds

The one thing that I REALLY wanted to do on vacation was got some antique shops but with two little kids toting along and vast amounts of travel time and spending time with family it didn't really happen as much as I had planned. The only time we went actually was in California. I found a few skeleton keys that I thought were pretty cute. The dealer there says they go through antique keys like candy though.

 I didn't really find anything else I wanted bad enough to buy it BUT, I had told my husband's grandmother that what I really wanted was a pewter bird. I wanted it old, natural, and unbreakable.  A little while later she came back with 3 little birds.

Their big eyes kind of freaked me out for a little bit but now they've grown on me. 

My husbands great grandmother liked to travel all over the world and his grandma thought that maybe she'd gotten them while she was abroad but the signature on the bottom puts them right here in the states. Looking at her web site the artist died in 2001 and this little trio isn't on there so I wrote to them and I guess we will find out more with a reply.

I just love finding history in little things like this. It's what makes them special.

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