Favorites: Tips

As always there are a million and one things out there that I just can not believe I did not know before. They seem so obvious and yet never crossed my mind.

Real Simple suggests using seam ripper to clean out your vacuum roller! 

From Apartment Therapy comes the idea to use a rubber band on stripped screws! Huh!

Paige Russel uses binder clips to keep all your cords handy!

Now this last one comes from current catalog but for $7 I think it would be an easy enough knock off. Soda bottle = drip catcher!!! Amazing!

What great in expensive tips. I will definitely be implementing some of these into my day to day life....What's that vacuum? Yes the seam ripper and I are coming right along! :) 

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  1. The seam ripped for the vac roller is inspired! I think a drip catcher would be an easy thing to make and so handy. Great tips.