Berry Picking

There are a lot of things that don't do well on their own outside in Alaska and it can be really discouraging to search though lists of plants praying that you find something at least a Zone 4 but preferably a 3 so it will actually last through that one weird cold snap, but gooseberry andraspberry make that list! They are super hardy and it's almost more of a problem to try to get them not to grow! they are like weeds! Delicious weeds:) 

Look at all that purple gooseberry goodness!

And raspberries are peeking out of every corner!

These guys LOVE the end of summer when we get to eat every berry in sight.

They are so good it's almost impossible to get them to look at the camera. You can tell little Evelyn is really enjoying them. 

Anberlynn can't eat them fat enough. 

But Evelyn thinks each bite needs to go through and inspection first!

But after they are cleared there's no escape! In the mouth they go. 

I am already missing Summer as it comes to an end but there's not much better than picking ripe fruit from your own backyard. The apples will be ready soon....hmmm.... I'm thinking pie!

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