The Perfect Light Fixture

So, my poor girl's (girls's?) light fixture has looked like this for ever.

 It's even worse at night. 

Poor things. It's a miracle that they don't need glasses already!

Then yesterday my friend Kristin and I were out picking up a craigslist find all the way across town so she asked if I wouldn't mind stopping my Pier One. GAH!!!! I had never been before but I'll tell you what, my wallet's only defense is to stay at home. 

I found this huge (it's kind of hard to tell in the pictures but it's about 3x the size of the others that I bought at Target) white paper lantern!!!! 

It's perfect!

I love it!


This one is the closest to the room color.

And it was less than $9 with Kristin's member card. 
Whoot! Whoot!

I can't decide if I should leave it plain or add some paper butterfly's or something.

I know I am teasing you with all kinds of details on this room and there will be more to come but I wear it's almost done.

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Great score on your white lantern! I love the paper lanterns and all the color in the room! Have a great weekend!