Do You Know About Groupon?

If you haven't heard about Groupon you have go to give it a try!

They are relatively new here in Alaska but I instantly became a fan! It is a site that offers daily coupons for your area. You buy you coupon and then present it to be redeemed. For example: 

I bought one Groupon for $10 for a 26 week weekend subscription to the local news paper. I paid the $10 and then they sent me a coupon to my e-mail. This particular coupon could be redeemed online so I e-mailed my newspaper with my redemption code and next thing you know my paper showed up on my door Friday morning:) 

FYI: If you don't get the newspaper you should know that the Sunday paper can be a great source for coupons at you local stores. To buy the Sunday paper alone is $1.50 each week. $1.50 X 26 weeks = $39 + I get the Friday and Saturday paper too!!! I think they run $.75 an issue. So, if I had bought all three papers off the stand for 26 weeks it would have cost me $78!!!! Not bad for $10.00.

The best part is that they offer all different kinds of deals every day! Another one I bought was %50 off at a local restaurant but they have deals for just about anything you can think of from nail and hair salons to local attractions. Hint: You might want to keep an eye out in a area you plan on traveling to for discounts on hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Bonus: When you create and account and share the deals with your friends you get $ when they buy into the deal too! The you can use your money towards the next deal you want!

Click HERE to check it out!

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