What's Thawing in My Yard

Dear Spring, Ready or not here I come!!!

Here in Alaska it's getting up to a whole whopping 60 degrees pretty much every day now and when you live in Alaska there's a rule: If it's sunny you go out. 
Last year we had record breaking rain all summer and something like 40 days without seeing the sun. After 6 months of snow and 4 hours of sunlight that is NOT what you want your summer to be like. So when there is sun, YOU. GO. OUT. There's really no excuse since we have such long days in the summer, it's pretty light most of the time. The truth is that most of us get out even when it's rainy if it means that it's above freezing.

So today it's above freezing and we all got out so here's a few highlights of my little patio area that I talked about earlier.

Here it is a few weeks ago. 

See that white gate at the top right?
Here's what's behind it, the thawed version.

 This may look like a junk pile to you but to the ferrets, this is bliss! It is an area my husband put together that is completely ferret proof. I don't know where he finds all of those tubes and such but my ferrets think it's awesome.

This is the pallet bench my hubby built for me a few weeks ago. I put sanded and some sealant on it to protect it and it's been sitting in my dive way waiting to make it back to this paved area for since it was built, while we waited for the gate to defrost.

This is my little garden on the same little area. When it blooms it's a beauty! But you are going to have to wait until the inch thick sheet of ice melts before any of that happens. You can see that it has improved since the above version since I spent some time scraping off the foot of snow with a shovel.

Once I get everything put in place I'll show you more of this little area. I plan on this being my baby for the year. 

For now, who's up for a round of guess that plant? 




Bleeding Heart


Apple Tree



How many did you get right before you looked?

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