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One of my favorite websites is allrecipes.com. They have such a selection of recipes that you can search buy title, ingredients, articles, occasion, and more.  One of the articles I really liked was Ten Meals on $10. The Spaghetti Carbonara II and Chicken Enchiladas I are some of my family's favorites. Anyway, I thought I'm make a little something to put my favorites in that my family could see. Here's what I came up with:

First you need one really ugly, beat up pan with no redemption in sight. 

Cover the bottom with scrapbooking paper.

Then I used my crop-o-dile to punch holes in the sides for the dowel rods.

 Then add all of your bling :) and a clip in  the center to hold your recipe of the day.

These are a few of my favorite recipes from allrecipes.com. Did I mention that you can choose how you want your recipe printed? I chose 3x5.

I failed to get a picture of me making the little cover but all I did was cut it out on my Cricut. I used the negative with a solid white background and added it to another scrap and hot glued it on to the edges.

And there you have it. I think I might move the title down a little but other than that, we're good to go. It's a great place to corral all those recipes and let the family know what's cooking. 

Happy meal planning!


Yesterday, as I was heading out grocery shopping I realized that I didn't have a list. I never have a list when I need it. So as I was heading out I realized that I could just grab my recipe cards and go!!! It was so awesome! I got more than a months worth of food (for 4 people) for under $150 and I did it all in under a half hour! I didn't have any coupons and there wasn't any great sales, I just got what I needed. Is that not worth it all? I think so.

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