Curtain too small?

If you saw the post to my girls's room makeover you saw these cute little things hanging from the windows.

Excuse the hot glue strings...What one would call such things I do not know. They were invented to for the sole purpose of covering up the fact that the curtain was to small. It was the only one left, it was on clearance for about $3 and it was going to match so perfectly I just had to find a way around it. So here's how I did it:

I dug through some scraps and found some pink felt. I measured my curtain rod and made two tubes, one for each end. I did NOT turn them right side out. You will see why.

Sew your ribbon onto the seam, I bought some and used some from home. Try to take pictures whole your 1 year old tries to drag it off into never never land. 

Next get your flowers, mine were $3 for a bunch at Walmart.

Now, pull the whole thing apart and cut the backs of the flowers down as far as you can so they will lay nicely against the felt.

Now, while your 2 year old is trying to "save" your project hot glue your flowers and any extra foliage to the SEAM. If you glue it on the part that be bar is going to go through you will glue it shut and nothing will be able to get through.

Now, hang them up! It's that easy.
This idea probably won't work as well for full bodied curtains but since mine are sheer and purely for decorative purposes the are perfect!

I even had a little left over that I threw together with more ribbon and slapped on last years Easter basket! I love when things work out like that!

What about you? Ever decorate around something to make it work?

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