While it seems that everyone else who has a blog is sharing pictures of their beautiful green lawns and blossoms and complaining about the rain here in Alaska it is still below freezing at night and my lawn is still brown. However, if you are going to get a whole lot of anything growing in here you need to get a head start indoors. So here is my probably a little over excited head start.

These are my sweet peas. I started them so early because last year they seemed like they could have used it, but boy are they out to prove me wrong! These little guys are over a foot tall. 

I love these little flowers but I can't have them taking over my little spinach and swiss chard pellets so I set off to find them a new home. I dug through the garage and found....

A bucket! How exciting, I know. Then, if you have a hubby like mine who won't let you drill holes in his ever so precious 5 gallon buckets, you have to improvise some drainage. 

I used this HUGE bag of Perlite that we bough last summer and used for SEVERAL other projects. Unless you have a pretty huge green thumb, no average home owner needs a bag this big. It's going to last a few more years I think. All it is is little Styrofoam-like pieces that helps keep your soil loose, or in my case provide drainage.

Add  your soil on top of that. We use the garage special formula: an accumulation of all the organic material used over the winter such as old dry flowers, shriveled plants, and other used dirt.  

Then I needed something for the little stinkers to climb on. So, much to my husbands delight (dripping in sarcasm) I dug through the shed and found this grid wire stuff. I know you all just love how technical I am.:)  I cut out a section and then folded the ends together to make a cylinder and stuck it down into my bucket. 

Last but not least I plants and loosely tied the Sweet Peas to the grid wire for support until they latch on themselves.  By this point it was starting to get a little windy so I brought them back inside to the garage for a final picture.

Grow baby, grow!

And just to share, these are my 2nd and 3rd blooms of the year. My peas! The kind you eat. 

How about you all? What's growing in your garden?

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