Well, I was going to make it all pretty for you but then I realized that you know, this blog is not here for me to make my house look like a perfectly staged home that makes my readers want to have a home that "looks like that" because truth is that 98% of the time mine doesn't. It looks like this:

 Yep, that's my beautiful newly painted dresser covered in clothes and my rug that is refusing to lay flat at the moment. The clothes are the product of a clothing exchange that my church holds once a year right before school starts. I think it's a wonderful idea. Kids get the clothes they need and parents don't have to empty out their pocket books every fall.  

Rigth now my dresser is sitting up stairs clutter free and beautiful, well it is now that I wiped off all the chocolate milk my kids spilled on it and the scraped paint from when my husband was moving furniture and lets not even talk about hew muddy finger prints.....You see my point? I LIVE in my home. Everyday. So if you are getting discouraged thinking that your home should look like a magazine just remember everyone else's looks like yours too. 

Thanks for listening to the rant, I think I needed to tell myself just as much as I liked sharing it with you, and if you think this is bad you should probably avert your eyes when I share the before pictures from my bedroom :)

BTW Project breakdown:

Dresser: Found free on the road
Primer: Free, got it from the dump
Paint: Free from the dump as well

Total Cost: 0

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