"Blue" Print

I have BIG (in fact maybe too big) plans for my bedroom makeover. The main feature and biggest cost being a built in wall/headboard. My little brother works at Lowe's in the custom cabinetry department. He's like a mad scientist when it comes to measurements and stuff so I sent him this:

Good luck figuring it out Bro! I am so excited to start saving my pennies to build something like this!

In other news I am actually working on stuff, just so much at the same time that it's taking a bit to actually get anything actually done. So, a few more fluffy posts like this and then hopefully I will have several juicy posts full of my curbside pickup dresser turned sofa table, my rags to rug, and everything else I'm backed up on. 

I also want to thank you all for reading and commenting. I am not the kind of person who really finishes if you know what I mean and you all have given me a great reason to not only finish but to take it all the way to staging! I am so excited to hear everything you say. It fuels me and drives me to do better. 
Thank you all :)

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