While I was out at that conference I mentioned before I got a call from the Hubby. Well, a text message actually. It was a picture of some chests at a yards sale. Immediately I jumped on it! I was in love with the 1 inch by 1 inch photo he sent me from the second I opened it! Wanna see what he picked up for $14?

This trunk was $5! Five dollars!!!!! I wanted to use it as a coffee table at first but then I found  a name and a place on the left hand side. aA far as I can tell from some research this trunk belonged to Roy Koffel and it could be pretty close to 100 years old!!!! No way am I taking a chance at spilling kool-aid on this puppy.

I haven't had any chance to do the research on these guys yet but hey have all kinds of shipping labels and thing on them. Sorry about the fuzzy pic, the kiddo started to wake up so I had to click and run. I find it interesting that they fit perfectly into the door frame that we are trying to hide.  I don't think I really like it but for now it covers up most of it. 

And last but not least this metal beauty. It is perfect for the end of the bed. the girls use it to climb up into the bed. Unfortunately there isn't any tell tale signs like names, places, or dates on this one.  

All that for $14 It gives our bedroom so much more of a warm, broken-in feeling. Even Lexi thinks so! 

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