A cabin Getaway

 For Labor Day weekend we FINALLY got a chance to visit the family cabin. This was the first time this year! I'd say the visit was long over due. 

Right next to the cabin is a river. The dogs think this is the best place in the whole wide world. They jump off the cliff and swim though the river after sticks all day long. 

My favorite thing to do is to sit by the fire place and read a book. I read a whole cheesy romance novel in three days. It was glorious! 

The kids favorite part was making Smores, partly because this was Anberlynn's first time getting to hold the skewer in the fire. Evelyn enjoyed eating them as fast as Anber could make them!

The whole cabin has lots of family history and personality. I chuckle to myself every time I see the  burl over the out house door that is shaped like butt cheeks.

If you have a cabin near you I highly recommend a good get away. State Parks often have cabins to rent for pretty cheap or even free with reservations. So pack up the Smores and some blankets and spend a night away from all the technology and business of daily life. I know it's done wonders for me!

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