Favorites: Office Nooks

I REALLY want to turn the current turtle housing into an office. Now one thing you have to know is that Fred, the turtle, is not an option. There are possibilities that I may have to will this turtle to someone on my death bed. However I do not think Fred really cares if she is inside or in the garage. It's heated AND turtles hibernate! Tell that to the hubby though. Fred is his baby. So, though I have been eating away at him slowly and have grandiose plans of one day reclaiming this closet for now I have to dream. Gotta be ready when I finally crack him you know ;)

Over at Great Balancing Act  they did quite a bit of work to pull off this simple little desk space. I love that the color scheme here is made completely by the accessories. How easy would it be to change this up?

My Home Ideas  shares this little office space. The built in organizers rock my world! That is until I realize a few months later that I can't change them up at all :(  The idea of putting your books/magazines in bins to make them look tidier is good thinking.

This sweet little set up from Wimages  is the.most.adorable. Look at all that space! Who would have thought to add a sweet little sitting spot in there too? 

Martha thinks outside of the box closet here and packs a workstation into an armoire! The peg board from my current office will be coming with me. I like how the little trash can is the same color as to blend with the background and not stick out.

Whew! All that inspiration and I am ready to go! 

Oh.. Hubby.... Where are you?...

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