Favorites: Plan A

If you missed my post on Plan A you can read it here. This weeks favorites is going to be on home inspiration that I think will actually work with my house. 

This glass tile back splash from Bedrock Industries would look lovely in my kitchen. Right now my kitchen has a wooden wanna-be back splash that is only a few inches tall. These colors would mesh perfectly with the teals and greens I use and still celebrate the dark browns.

This living room from Pottery Barn is one of the few I found that actually had wood trim. I like how everything is neutral but they pulled that teal rug in there for a little pop of color. Mission: find/make/paint teal rug. 

This one is also from Pottery Barn. I love the vintage details they have going on here and how that round but simple mirror softens everything up. The layered pillows pull int he color pallet of my house. Guess I will be buying fabric to make some new pillow cases. 

This living room from  is neutral, celebrates the wood around it, is full of texture and still manages to be a nice cheery space. I think that is my biggest fear- that if I embrace the wood it will turn into some  big dark hole. This proves me wrong.

Tip Junkie shared this picture of a white buffet. Hey, wait a minute. I have a white buffet! 
the chipped windows, vintage clocks, and wooden letter make this space classic and light at the same time. That is do-able in my book. 

Have great inspiration photos that embrace wood and neutrals? I would love to see them!

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