So remember this pic of my downstairs bathroom? See that BIG wooden board attached to the back of the towel bar? Some of you may have guessed that that was not a good sign already. I had my suspicions but I was hoping for the best. 

No such luck. 

The hole on the left is small enough to fix with a little compound but the other one I think will at LEAST  need a patch with some of that patch fabric stuff. 

And speaking of patches...

See the one in the bedroom? It is exactly the size of a knee cap. Ask me how I know. You can see we have all the stuff  to fix it, this one including a dry wall plug, knock down, and more paint. 

Oh, you are also seeing a peek at the ceiling fan that we've had for 3 YEARS!!! Hopefully that will go up soon too. For now we are enjoying our Labor Day weekend out at the family cabin, away from all the DIY awaiting us here at home.

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