Favorites: Creative Storage

Now that the hubby said yes and the turtle is in the garage I have a WHOLE closet for just the exact purpose I wanted it for- a closet office. I tried so hard to get that darn turtle out of there and now it's out and I have no idea where to start. I want to do it once and I want to do it right the first time. As usual I have little $$ to complete my project so I need all the ideas I can get. Pinterest here I come! 

A french drain pipe makes for excellent yarn storage over at Sew Many Ways. Thes little cubbies could be used for all sorts of things- paint brushes, pipe cleaners, pencils, markers, name it! 

Martha Stewart does it again, using tension rods as spacers. What a wonderful way to think outside the box.

Candace at She's Crafty was inspired by an article by Better Homes and Gardens to use spice racks for wrapping paper storage. 

I love this idea from Southern Living for hiding your less used items and that the drawers pull out on sliders. This would be great for my Cricut and my printer. It would also consume most of my office budget. :(  Maybe I can find a way around it or I can save up for it later. On the up side it would probably be cheaper to make than a file cabinet!

Re-Nest featured this office space. If you look closely you can see that it it made with simple, easy to change shelving. Unless I can find something completely genius to up-cycle shelving is going be my biggest expense. Knowing how much I change things up this shelving seems like the way to go. Plus it's relatively cheap! You don't have to  buy fancy to make it look nice.

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