Ok, I'm a Chicken

In the past I've painted all kinds of things for many different reasons. I'll share some with you to show you just haw ridiculous my chicken behavior is.

Brick (Yea, that's me :S )
Walls for other people.
Paper (Sorry about the photography skills, working on them)
And the list goes on. I love painting, drawing, trying new things, getting creative and just about all things crafty.  So what is it that I'm such a chicken about? Painting my girl's room. It was pretty cute for a while. We chose not to find out if either of our daughters were boys or girls until they were born so the pallet was simple and gender neutral. It went with just about everything and it was light and airy until.....
Yep, that's permanent marker :)
My lovely little girl was supposed to be taking a nap when she stumbled upon the wonder and glory of a permanent marker. Oh, glory. This is what the WHOLE room looked like. The walls, the furniture, some of the carpet, the toys, the books, and EVERYTHING else in site. It looks like she missed her blessing dress, don't let it fool you. Thankfully her sister wasn't in the room! FYI Mr. Clean Eraser took it off of all the furniture amazingly well. However, the walls and the carpet didn't make it. I couldn't take the marker on the walls though so I did paint a solid color. You can see it in my Monogramming and Craigslist Chair posts. That's about all the progress I've made since the permanent marker fiasco.

So now that we are all caught up on 1) I am reasonably artistic 2) I am perfectly capable of painting and 3) Why I am in this position in the first place, the question remains. Why am I being such a chicken about digging in and getting this done? I honestly don't know. What I am telling myself is that I want to wait until I can get the girls older kids bedding so I know how I want to paint around it. The reality to that is that there is pretty much only one place where I could fit a bunk bed in there and not having a bunk bed is not an option in a room that small so I should just dig in and get it oder with already. *sigh* Alright, I guess it's just time to pull out the big girl panties and a paint brush. Ready...Set...GO!

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  1. You Can do it!!! I have always been amazed by your talent! So just turn on some music and GO!