I think I'll call it spring when a little more of that white stuff is gone. For those of you suffering through breakup  with me here in Alaska that black stuff, yeah that stuff up by the drive way, that's called asphalt. I know, it's been a while. I had to look up how to spell it. And ya, I'm the lucky one that get's the drainage sign in front of my house. Last year the neighborhood kids used it to catapult snowballs off of. Glad somebody's a fan 'cause my neighbor two houses down is not. See how the fence on the left slopes down? That means that my house is not the lowest point which really stinks if you're the guy that is but doesn't have a drain. 

This 6 inch thick ice covered area is what I will be working on the most as soon as I can actually feel the pavers under my feet. On the bright side, the dogs love using the holes formed by the melting ice as water bowls.

Lucky for me the two large garden beds right around the front of the house have melted out. Maybe we will see some bulbs coming up soon? A few perennials?

In the mean time I am willing the spring to me with all kinds of plants growing indoors. I can NOT wait to get them outside and in the ground!

To end on a happy note this is my first bloom of the season. My Fuchsia managed to survive even after I left the poor thing out in a half snow/ half rain last year!  Now that's my kind of plant.

Happy spring to you all, even if it may not look like it where ever you are.

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