Glue Dot Failure

Has anyone else used Glue Dots with success? You know, those little dots of glue that come on a sheet of wax paper. They always have that picture with the glue between two jingle bells still valiantly holding on despite the fact they are being ripped apart. That picture gets me every time. Aside from flat surface scrap booking I have yet to come upon a valid use for pop dots. This week I made a simple paper craft and as I stood back to enjoy them I watched an listened to them "pop" as my craft fell apart. 

Major fail. :( 

I am going to gull out my trusty stapler and tape and put it back together and show you later. 

So what about you? Do you use the little glue dots? Have they actually held up anything for you? Do you think it's possible I actually just got 2 ( I have the mini ones and the regular size) bad batches? Is there a trick to getting them to work?

1 comment:

  1. I've used them with success... but for scrapbooking. I think they are meant more for holding an item to a paper while said paper is in a scrapbook sleep (thus preventing it from moving around on the paper...) rather than vertical crafts.