Speaking of No Dime

Today is my husbands first day of unemployment- and not in the retired, getting a retirement check kind of way.

His company is making some huge cut backs and he was one of the cut backs. Yeah, the kid he taught his job to  is still working there but after working for his company for 10 years HE is the cutback. Can you tell I'm a little bitter? He has put in TONS of applications and gotten like 2 call backs. One found someone "more qualified" and the other we are still waiting to hear back from- not holding my breath.

So where are we at now? Filing for unemployment until he can find a job I guess. I work a part time job where I have the flexibility to work up to 40 hours a week but it doesn't pay much- it's Blockbuster. I have put in a few applications but I will start pursuing that much more intensely. The plan was that he would have another job by now and that would be a last resort. Well, we are AT last resort.

Although this is obviously not an ideal situation there are several things I am grateful for.  I am thankful that we have good friends and family near by that can help us if we need it. I am thankful that we had the insight a few months ago to really stock up on food storage. I am thankful that there are many government and church programs that we have access to that can help us through this rough patch. Most of all I am thankful that we know how to appreciate the little things in life, that we know the things that matter to us most are not things. That last one is what is going to get me through.

Thank you all for being my creative and personal outlet. As strange as it is I am taking this as a challenge. This blog is about NO dime design. The thing I am striving for more than anything else here is to bring design into the homes of those of you that have NO money for frivolous things. Not a little money- NO money. I want you all to know that not having money does not mean that you can not use the things around you to make a beautiful and welcoming home. 

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  1. Prayers and good thoughts that your husband will find a job soon!