Best of 2011

Here are the top viewed posts on No Dime Design from 2011

This still surprises me that my toilet paper roll family tree was and still is the post popular post on my blog to date.  It's not even still up on the wall! This is the area that I decorate all the time.

This table was up cycles from our coffee table and is still a favorite. My girls love to draw all over it!



This little guy was so bright and cheery next to my door.
The tip from The Penny Parlor  made it super cheap. 

The title of this post must generate a lot of traffic from Google or something because it's just about the find.

You can see how I updated it here with some oil rubbed bronze. 

This is one of Anberlynn's favorites. She loves finding the letters you send her in search of. She gets so excited when she finds them!

This has got to be at the top of my list for favorites! It sits in the girls room and we love reading stories and snuggling here. 



I am really glad you all liked this one because it really did light up my Christmas season every time I turned it on. I love the look of it and I love it even more knowing I reused stuff to make it. 

This dresser really did come a long ways into looking suitable. Unfortunately it's days inside are numbered since I found another one I love even more! My husband is going to re-home it into the garage though so don't worry about it finding it's way back into the snow ;)



This is one of those things that you will probably see popping up in my decor for a while. I am just in LOVE with it! 

This gallery wall has been steadily growing since this post and now it goes higher up the window and all the way under too. I am thankful for the motivation of a link party that got it all started. 

And that's it. Thank you all for each of your page-views, each of your comments, and for every click. It was a great year!

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