And Now I’m Back…From Outer Space

Ok, so maybe I didn’t go to space but it sure felt like it! I missed documenting all of the little things I’ve been working on and sharing them with you all. 

So where am I blogging from? Did I get internet again?

We got a little Acer One laptop on clearance at Target for less than $200. We got it for a couple reasons. One was that my husband was going on a business trip for a week and we wanted to be able to Skype with him while he was gone. Another was so that we could do our own taxes. I tried using my phone, and I tried that Snap Tax app but it wouldn’t let me proceed without putting an amount in boxes where we had no amount.  A plus, but not really a reason, was that I will be able to use it with my Sure Cuts A Lot software for my Cricut. Since my oldest daughter moved into my craft room I am now exclusively crafting out of my armoire and there’s just not really enough room to craft in our closet office. Of course being able to blog again is definitely a huge plus too!

As for the internet, no. We are using wi-fi around town. The laptop is so small that it can fit into my purse so I can bring it to McDonalds while the girls go crazy in the play place. I can also bring it to work with e and use the wi-fi there while I am on break or if I go in early. AT&T is our cell phone carrier though and they have a nice little package that includes wi-fi for a laptop for only $10 more than we are paying now with nearly 5x the data, so that might be a possibility in the near future. I am trying out Window Live Writer so I can blog without using any data. I’m crossing my fingers that it works out and I can make blogging a regular thing again!

With any luck I’ll be back soon with photos and updates on what has been going on around here! If you can’t wait that long you can check me out on Instagram as peaches89678.

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