Not So Little Anymore

It happens every time but I’m never ready for it.  These little chicks are now these:
JJ is the smaller one hiding under the wheelbarrow. Garcia is much bigger than some of our older chickens.
And one, Morgan, is a roo. We are working on rehoming him.
Can you believe those are the Easter Egger babies? We finally named them Guinevere (black and white) and Morgana (brown and black).
And because I can’t resist here are some shots of our older ladies:
This is Grandma, one of the Orpingtons we got last fall. She’s broody and mad at me for kicking her out of the egg box and away from her plastic Easter eggs. I tried to give her day old chicks to raise but she tried to eat them instead.
These were the babies until we got new chicks this spring. They are White Leghorns and they don’t have names because we can’t tell them apart! You can see Garcia in the background shaking her tail feathers and Black, the one that sat on the chicks.
Speaking of chicks…
Ya, I know, I have a problem. Black and Grandma went broody at the same time after raising the Easter Eggers. An extra chick or two never hurt anyone, right?
And last but not least, Red.
Some questions we get a lot are:
How many eggs do you get?
Right now we are getting 3-4 eggs a day. Black and Grandma are broody/raising chicks and none of the chicks are old enough yet. Egg production should pick up anytime now though! Even through the winter we were getting 6 just about every day!
Do they stink?
Some of my friends tell me that I have the most hyper sensitive nose they’ve ever seen. I can’t smell anything coming from our chickens, their bedding, or anything else. They have so much room and they are outside. Clean air and sunshine does wonders.
Are they friendly?
While they aren’t big fans of being cuddled they certainly won’t attack you or anything. In fact, if you got close enough to touch one you’d be lucky.
Is it hard?
I guess everything is relative but in my opinion , no. You have to clean their coop just about as often or less than a cats littler box. They don’t need bathes or brushed or walked. The closest thing I can compare it to is a fish tank.
What do they eat?
Chicken food. Table scraps. Weeds. Plants. Bugs. An occasional rodent. 

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