What's Bloomin' ?

What's Bloomin'? Feast on this!

Poppies. These grow almost wild here and are some of the first plants to come up every year, a welcome relief from the grey of break up.

Not even sure what these are but they remind me of Hibiscus. Let me assure you they are NOT. 

Fuchsia!!!! I am so proud of myself for weathering these plants over the winter in my garage.

More poppies!!! I have to enjoy them while I can before they go to seed. 
If you've never seen these before you may not believe me but this is Arctic Kiwi. It actually grows kiwi fruit!!! Small ones, but they taste like the real thing. This is what I plan on putting on my pallet arbor.
Strawberries!!!! I hope to plant these in my tire garden at the end of the season and see if they will grow back next year. Cross your fingers for me!
The gooseberries are going strong!!!! I want to actually make something out of them this year. Any suggestions?
I make a mean rhubarb when these plants get big enough.
Another one of my favorites is this Bleeding Heart. What sweet little flowers! The hubs bought me a white one for our anniversary last year but it didn't survive the winter. 
Apple Blossoms!

Lots of them. 
This is how the patio area is SLOWLY coming along. 

I am so excited to harvest all our fruits and veggies this year! How's your garden growing?

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  1. The plant in the second picture is called "zebrina." It self seeds prolifically!