Yard Sale/ Craigslist Finds

This weekend of all weekends my thrifting is cut super short. With a million things to do and pack before we leave on Wednesday and having to work 2 weekend shifts, which I don't normally work, there's not really time for much else. However, my 2 year old will be becoming a 3 year old while we are on vacation and we won't have any room for extra presents in our luggage so we have to buy and give her presents early and paying used prices is always awesome! One year for her birthday we bought a huge outdoor trash bag full of toys for $10. We tossed or donated anything we didn't want and probably ended up giving her $100 worth of toys! LOVE that! So here's what I got for her today:

$10 and in great condition! She LOVES being outdoors so this will be a blast for her. Plus she is super small, she and her 1 year old sister share clothes and diapers, so it will last for a long time and then the other sister can have it:) 

There are actually 2 of these highchairs!!! It was $15 for BOTH! I made reccord time picking these babies up off Craigslist!

At $1 a piece theses storage boxes were not my best find but they match the ones I already have and they sell in stores here for almost $4 each!  I got 10 of them. It's so much nicer when all of your boxes match don't you think? How about you? Find any treasures this weekend?

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