It's SEPTEMBER!!! + TP Pumpkin Garland Tutorial

Get out those Fall decorations 'cause it's September!!! 

As if any of you needed the reminder! This year I don't have any munchkins headed off to school but Anberlynn sure wants to go! She has a friend down the street that started Kindergarten this year and she would be more than happy if she could go with him. Instead we are trying to have some school liek fun here at home. 

First we made Oobleck.
I didn't take any pictures because it can get pretty messy with both girls but it's just 2 parts corn starch to 1 part water (add a little more at a time if it's too dry). The result is fun and entertaining. 

Then I pulled out the toilet paper rolls! And the paint! Around these parts that makes me "Mom of the Year." 

I didn't have any orange paint so we went ahead with yellow and red, purposely making the color as uneven as possible- I even left some blank! 

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We painted several, some were striped, some were spotted, and some were plain. 

 Next I sliced them into skinny little loops. I purposely cut them different widths, no measuring here! Just make sure they are wide enough for your hole punch! 

I used my Crop-A-Dial as my hole punch. I layered 3 loops inside of each other (they were already flat from when I cut them) and punched them all at once. Anberlynn tried to help with this but it too too much hand strength for a 4 year old. 

Cutting them all together made the next step easy - threading yarn through. 
Take a LONG piece of green yarn and tie a bow at one end and tape the other end for easy threading. 

Pull the taped end through your 3 hole punched loops and you'll end up with this. 

Slide your loops all the way to the bottom of your yarn, fluff it up and tie another bow between each set. 

When you are done you'll have a fun little pumpkin garland.  

 I hung mine on my mirror with two manipulated paper clips for hooks. 

And that's it.  I made a few extras and cu them apart for my cloche but of course it wasn't gonna cooperate for a photo.  

The girls love that they got to help out and point it out to all the guests that come over. What do you think I should write on the chalk board

Total Cost $0 I had everything on hand. 

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  1. I love this and am so excited to make a cute garland with my little ones tomorrow! I just found your blog through a pin for this project and am looking forward to seeing your other ideas for "no dime" projects- it fits with my decorating budget quite nicely! =)