A VERY Unexpected Favorite

A while back we were unknowingly gifted with pet store snails. No big deal, we bought 5 skunk loaches and while they didn’t make the snails disappear they certainly kept them under wraps.

Fast forward through an unfortunate tank cleaning session and we were down to 2 and our local store that carried the loaches isn’t selling fish anymore! Boo!

So I checked out the local chain stores and all they had was a $12 loach that grew up to a foot long. Ew. I have a big tank but I don’t like big fish, especially the kind that look like snakes.

I had googled before I went and pretty much everything I read had some kind of loach to fix a snail problem. My problem would be finding one. When the store associate asked if I needed any help I jokingly asked if they had anything that ate snails that wouldn’t eat me. Surprise! Surprise!


She said the reason they had feeder fish in the tanks was to eat the snails!!!!

What?!? Why isn’t THAT listed on all the fishy websites?

So we went home, snagged a long time resident of the turtle tank, put it in the 100 gal and poof! 3 days later the snails the snails have gone from over running the tank to a rare sighting!

Total cost for snail population control: $0

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