An Organization Transformation!

There have been a LOT of things going wrong lately. The short of it is that both my car and my house tried to kill me. It would be pretty easy to get down about all of it and I’ll admit that I’m pretty close to pulling out my hair now and then but I have some really awesome friends! Every time life’s getting me down one of them is around the corner pulling me back up.

This time my friend Kristin got me the hook up with with a fabulous pantry makeover! She’s pretty much the best Tupperware consultant ever!

Don’t believe me?

Check this out:


That was my pantry before she sent in the troops. It’s pretty chaotic. I couldn’t reach most of it and some of it was even expired! Ew.


Seriously. HOW did I ever find anything? WHY did I let myself live with a pantry like that for 6 YEARS when the whole time it could have looked like this:


Yep same pantry. Now, I did toss a few expired things but it is NOTHING compared to the food storage that I brought back into it. There’s and extra 5# bag of sugar and an entire canister of oatmeal! I also added another little bag of popping corn, a package of quinoa, and almost half of a 25#bag of rice! There’s almost 3x as much pancake mix in there too!


She recommended that I roll out the label maker and it finished it off perfectly.

Let’s try a close up!





Doesn’t that just make you breathe a sigh of relief?

If your pantry needs a hook up with some Tupperware goodness too check Kristin’s website out by clicking here!

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