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Hello! My name is Aubree and I will also be blogging for No Dime Design as of... now!

I was born and raised in Southern Idaho, and had been attending University in Southeast Idaho for about two years when I met Dan, who, only months later would become my husband!very crazy and unexpected turn of events in my opinion. As if that wasn't enough of a swift change in events, he then swept me away to his homeland of Alaska to work for 8 months to save up for school. (I think that was his excuse, but I think he was just trying to convert me to all the sights, sounds, seasons and tastes of Alaska...)

Enter Megan: Megan and I worked together while I lived in Alaska this past year, (ok, she was kind of my boss. Little bit.) we learned we share many of the same interests and talents with our own twists in taste. She's quite a bit further ahead than me at making her house a home, gardening, having adorable children etc. We had great fun with our friends and Scentsy parties and trips to Jo-Anne's but alas it was time for me to move back to school in Idaho. 

I have a lot of projects in mind now that I've got my own apartment (We stayed with my in-laws while in Alaska- it wasn't as scary as you'd think!) so I mentioned to my dear Megan that I was considering starting a blog to document my progress and discoveries. We share so many of the same interests, and are at different points of discovery, so she invited me to join forces and it just made sense!

I know some of you are mainly blog readers, but many of you are bloggers yourselves. I know there are many different reasons to start a blog, and I have many myself.

 I have been horribly inconsistent at journal keeping throughout my life, although I know it’s important. I’d think “What if my life happens during some large historical event and people come across my journal down the road. I don’t have anything to write about that would seem interesting or significant to anyone else.” Yes, I had thoughts like this from a very young age. I read a lot of youth memoirs… Well now I see a way to journal that documents many of my most significant or happy discoveries, and brings significant input to others! It is also a way to sort of corral my infinite interests into one constructive place, and, I’m sure many of you can appreciate the need for order in our lives and inner callings that seem to yank us every which way! 

At this time, I have just been married a few days over a year, and have already experienced so many different things from changing college majors, new food, new roommates (including a husband, and in-laws of both sides!), new skills, new sewing machine, a recently discovered passion for Pinterest and eBay haha, got my first smartphone, started blogging (my skills with this may be laughable as most grandmas could probably figure all these links n things out faster than me) and I've lived in a few different environments! So we have a lot to talk about. 

I just got a new apartment (my very own kitchen, walls, and working space!) So my posts will share many of my firsts for those of you with a tiny budget but big curiousity and desire to be crafty, homemaking fiends! Let's go!

This is my sweet husband Dan and me. Since I've been married, I realize there aren't many pictures with just me in them anymore. Anyone else experience that after marriage?

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