My New Craft Room

Once upon a time I had a craft room/office.

It was kind of awful but it was mine and I loved it.
When my two little princesses decided they were out to kill each other I gave it up and moved into the closet.

It was all very Harry Potter.
Perhaps my sacrifice was an inspiration to the princesses? They decided that having separate spaces was no fun and that they loved each other enough to sleep in the same bed. No exceptions. Ugh.
So no one was using this room except to make a mess out of.

I hate messes. I hated my closet. I needed some space!
And thus my craft room was born!


The only thing I bought for this was under $30 in paint, which I used about 1/2 of, around $100 in flooring, and $24 in curtains. All of it came from Lowes, bought with gift cards I got for Christmas and my birthday. I use this room every day so we can just file it under BEST PRESENT EVER!!!


My FREE Craft Armoire is still my favorite! It came in from the living room. Let me tell you, the roll outs works SO much better on this new flooring than it did on the carpet.


It packs a punch holding all of my paper.


My washi tape is on a tension rod.


All of the boxes are labeled.


And I added Command Hooks for extra storage.


I was Pinspired to file my small stash of fabric.


And even my $13 sewing machine has a little space.


Looking back into the hall I have the fish tank. It came from the dining area.  While a little Chinese restaurant dining experience is cool,  I really love having it in here to calm me down.


Just inside the door is the girls area. I repainted the chairs we got for free, brought the repurposed chalk table (it used to be our dining table!) up from their new bedroom, and hung the letter art I made. The $20 file cabinet from the closet office serves as a magnet board for them and an organizer for me.


The table in the back is one Joel and his Dad made when he was younger. The chair is from the dining room but that will be replaced soon.


This little nook between the craft armoire and the desk holds additional fabric, my Cricut, and various craft supplies for the girls.


This rug I got from Lowes for $20 with the gift cards too. It’s been in the girls room downstairs.

I have envied it from the moment I brought it home. I love the clean lines and geometric pattern. Now it’s mine! Muhahah!


I think that about covers it.
Well, there’s actually a whole other small armoire behind the file cabinet, to the right of the desk. It holds craft supplies and toys.
I will definitely give you a post about out new flooring when I’m done getting it put in throughout the living room. It’s UNDER $1/sf!
The paint color is Quill by Olympic, the same that I used in the bathroom.

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