Ice Skaping and Sledding

What the heck is “skaping”  you ask? Well, it’s an aweful lot like “ice skating”but done and said by adorable 3 and 5 year olds.
Anberlynn’s PTA hosted a sledding and skating party and the girls had a ton of fun!
Dad got chosen as the best sledding buddy because he pushes the sled as it goes to make it go further and faster.
I love that they are getting old enough to go out and do winter sports. When they were littler they hated being all bundled up. Now just look at that grin!
Anberlynn was having so much fun with her Dad that Evelyn and I went and did the skating thing on our own.
This is only the second time Evelyn had ever been on the ice. She stayed up pretty well and the shuffle she called “skaping” was pretty adorable. Smile 
This couldn’t have come at a better time. January is tough for me with so little sun light and it being so cold. I definitely needed to just get out and do something!
What are you doing to stay active in the winter?

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