Word Of The Year

How is everyone out there? This last year was a whirlwind of things going wrong and I am to excited to get back on track!

Last year I chose the word Simplify for my word of the year. It ended up working really well because sometimes that was all I had left to do after the chaos drained all the money, transportation, and often time. But you don’t need a lot of those things to take a minute out and get back to basics. The trash can is always right there, ready for a purge. Any box makes a great donation bin. And you can do more than you think with beans and rice! The most important part of it was spending time with family. They don’t need a lot of fancy things, and time is golden. It was such a refreshing mantra for me and I hope that you try it for yourself one year!

So…..are you ready for this years word?


We have lots of things in the garage just begging to be done, walls that need a little primer, a backyard that could use some TLC, scrapbooks that need put together, stuff that just really needs done. Most of it won’t cost much to do and a bunch of it will be free too.

When I ditched our third bedroom in favor of a craft room I really tried to finish off everything that I could. Sure, one day it could have new baseboards and I’d like all the furniture to be white. There are always tweaks to be made. Overall though, I am at peace with it. There are only two spaces in my entire house that I can say that about, the craft room and the entry way. I’d like to say that about all of it.

So that’s my mantra for this year. to Finish. To tie up loose ends. To bring what we have into full use. To be at peace with my home.

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