Pallet Arbor

When you do a Google Map search for our neighborhood you see all of these houses with big, beautiful, mature trees and then you see our house. Our house had a pretty good size back yard but, other than the few baby trees we have planted, has no trees. Since we have 5 neighbors along our fence line we have plenty of leaves to rake but only a hand full of them come from our tiny trees so we pretty much have no shade in our back yard and it gets pretty toasty. I've searched and searched for an affordable arbor with no luck. :(  So I looked to my pallet stash and my hubby for help. Here she is:

The seats are made from a pallet cut in half and the rest of the frame is made from wood my hubs picked up from his work that was used for shipping.

 And the wire mesh stuff was something like $3 from Habitat for Humanity.

I need to decide exactly where I want to put her because I want to grow arctic kiwi on her which will be very permanent. 

And there you have it. Total cost $3.


  1. I have been looking for just this!!!Thanks so much for the photo.

  2. I've been seeing lots of info, and photos, on using pallets for projects, on the web. I've gotten some great ideas on how to make a potting bench, also. When I searched for a pallet arbor, your site came up first. Thanks for the inspiration!