Eggciting Things Are Happening Here!

Recently we have had to lock our two big ladies in their chicken coop. 
They have decided they like roosting on the porch which means they have also been pooping on the porch. 
Sorry chickens, but NO. 

This morning when we went to let them out we found this! It's our very first egg and we are super excited! 

We aren't sure who laid the egg but she did miss the egg box by a few inches. 

She did manage to land it RIGHT on top of a pile of poop though and our first egg has a poop stain to show for it. 

For reference here's how it looks next to our store bought eggs. Smaller and brown. 

While I am super excited to have eggs I thought I'd have another month or so before we got any. I haven't quite warmed up to the idea of eating it yet, something about knowing where it came from and what it would be destined for if we had a rooster gives my stomach a little flutter. 

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