Hobby Lobby Loot!

Hobby Lobby...I could do some serious damage to my wallet in that store. Thankfully, I was limited by what I could fit in my suit case and what was left of my $200 cash trip budget. 

Want to see what came home with me?

This little not so little locket and keys was bought for me by Tim & Cari. Once I figure out how to hang it I'll be on my way to accessorizing the entry way wall.  

This owl...

Is SO adorable. The owl thing is really growing on me. His little eyes have the perfect shades of blue and yellow to make him bend in just about anywhere in my house.

Now these little bud vases ARE super tiny. Each easily fits into my palm. I was super excited to get them home only to discover that they didn't hold water! I think I could remedy that with something. 

 And since I've shown you just about everything else new on this dresser...

This is the biggest bouquet I have ever had! And the best part? It ALL came from my garden! 

 Last but not least is this little guy. 

Our builder grade tooth brush holder on the wall is starting to come out and the holes never were big enough for even a regular tooth brush to fit it. I love the coral-ish design of this little guy. 

My total was under $11! I could almost cut it in half with one of their 40% off coupons but I didn't have one with me :/

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