Summer in Abundance

We are ENJOYING the last few days we have of sun and summer before it becomes dark and snowy. 

One thing on our list is to enlarge the strawberry garden. The fenced in area will now go all the way around where the other rocks are too. 

I never suspected that they would go from one little strip of strawberries to a whole garden that needs stepping stones just so you can get it! 

The goose berries are ALMOST there. I will be ready and waiting with pectin in hand when they are. 

There's nothing quite like goose berry jam!

And the APPLES! There are SO many of them but they are SO tiny! Maybe mini apple pies? 

Something I have started using already- raspberries! I made some raspberry and rhubarb tart-lets the other day and garnished them with mint sprigs from the garden too. They were gone before I could get a picture in! 

We are still getting strawberries every now and then but not fast enough to actually make anything before they hop into little mouths. Hopefully, expanding the garden will help with that next year. 

Something I've never eaten or cooked with- brussels sprouts. I haven't actually seen any of the part you eat yet but the plant is huge and gorgeous! 

I din't take picture of ever thing but we do have carrots, tomatoes, Swiss chard, more rhubarb and arctic kiwi growing too! I LOVE eating right out of my garden every fall. Everything is so fresh and tasted phenomenal- the way ALL produce SHOULD taste. 

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