Easy Fall Banner

Normally I’m the last one to admit summer’s over but after seeing an inspiration photo this morning (I forgot to save the link, oops!) I couldn’t help but get into the fall crafting spirit!
There are a lot of steps but it’s easy, I swear!
First I made a template and cut out pages from an old book. Pendants are super easy to free hand but if you need a template click here.
Then, I ran all the pages through my crimper to give them a little extra somethin’ somethin’. If you don’t have a crimper you could crumple the pages t get all that delicious texture.
Here they are looking all crimped and ready for pumpkins!
My pendants are about 4 inches wide so I cut 3 different 12x12 scrapbooking papers into 4x4 squares to ensure I couldn’t goof up.
Because I had already cut my papers to the maximum size I for my pumpkins I could free hand cut my pumpkins without worrying if they would be too small or too big. Don’t be too hard on your pumpkin cutting skills. They are an organic shape, just go with the flow.
I pulled out my distressing in and just rubbed the entire pad over the edges. This helped define them a little so they wouldn’t blend in with the book paper.
I didn’t actually find any orange paper I wanted so I added a little orange with a floral stamp and some orange ink.
Almost there I promise! I gathered up some random buttons and turned my glue gun on low/cool.
Normally I’m an all High setting kind of gal. Ain’t nobody got time to wait for the glue to melt!  BUT for this project the Cool setting is better because it will give you a little more depth. I’ve learned by trial and error that glue sticks or pop dots flatten your crimping right back out and hot glue solves all that.
Glue a button on each pumpkin then, glue the pumpkin on your pendant. Attach it to you string by folding it over and gluing the sting inside the fold.
Hang it up and you’re done!
How about you all? Are you ready for Fall?


  1. *ghasp* I could make some with bats and black pumpkins.....

    -Lexi <3