Magnetic Make-up Board

For Christmas I decided to get a little crafty for myself, my Mom and Cheria, my sister-in-law. 

For me I made this bug honkin guy.

For my Mom and Cheria I didn't know how much wall space they wanted to take up So I made them ones that could hang on the wall or stand- their choice. 

This was not an original idea and I read how to make mine here:

I bought all my frames at Walmart.  I was running out of time and my local thrift stores have a pretty sad selection.  Joel bought the sheet metal at Lowes. The bigger piece is a good deal thinner but it does just as good of a job. 

We used metal sheers to cut off the extra. 

I used the paper from the frame to let Anberlynn trace so we knew where to cut. 

It doesn't matter if you leave a little marker on the edge or if it's not cut perfectly because the edges will be covered by the frame. 

For the fabric I used left over pieces from previous projects.

I sprayed the front with re-positional spray adhesive and flipped it onto the fabric. that way I could move the fabric around to get it straight and cut off the edges without drawing lines or worrying about the fabric moving around on me. 

I did the same for the larger piece except I used a mat and rotary cutter. 

For a clip holder I measured 3 dots on opposite ends of the board.

Then I lad my ribbon underneath, lining them up with the dots so they would be straight. I glued them in place with glue dots. 

Then when I flipped it over.... ta-da! 

Here is mine hanging in my bathroom. 

Next up I went through the 2 baskets that have been attempting to house all the girly stuff. 

After going through it all, throwing out anything old or worn out I realized that I don't even use 90% of it.  What I do use I hot glued to magnets (I tried glue dots first. That's not the way to go.) to the back of  my make-up. 

I clipped the girls bows to the ribbons and now everyday Anberlynn points out the one she wants to wear. 

Enjoy your presents Mom & Cheria! 

Looking at theirs makes me want a patterned background too. I think I might have to get me some more of that fabric on the right ;) 


  1. Nice! I'm going to make one for my friends birthday. WalMart frames are nice - not to expensive.

    Also.... could you tell me where to get the html code for your floating "Back to Top" button you have on your page. I would love one on mine.


  2. Thanks! I THINK this is the link to my Back to Top button tutorial. I try not to mess with codes and stuff too much until I have learned a little more about them :)

  3. The ribbon method of organizing your little one's clips and bows literally made me go, "Awwwww!" So cute (and functional)!