ABC Board

I've been seeing a lot of ABC wall art around lately and to be honest I did't really like any of it. Just Google it and you will find all kinds from subway art style to what looks like it should be in a school room. Neither of those looks appeal to me. Well, the other day kidlet #1 and I were making a letter for my sister and she picked out all the letters of her name from a huge choice of ABC stickers. She was so excited about finding each letter that I thought to myself, "What she really would like is a Where's Waldo type thing." And so it began.

First I dug through my stash and came up with this cheap-o frame from Walmart that was housing some of my art from high school. 

The Masonite back was just what I needed.

I started digging through my scrap stash when I realized that it was exactly 2 ft x 3 ft! How could it be so perfect?

I laid them out to see how it would look. Still perfect!

Then I spray-adhesived those bad boys on there.  Things are going my way!

Next up I added what felt like a zillion letters.

I used a BUNCH of these 1 inch letters from my pre-Cricut days. I glued them on my using a paint brush with glue.

What I thought was about half way through I decided it needed some different fonts, texture and sizes. This is also from my pre-Cricut days. I had never used them. For these painting the glue on was too wet so I used a glue stick, almost a WHOLE glue stick.

As a final touch I took my distressing ink to the whole board and sprayed it down with a flat sealant.  And ya, at 55 degrees out I deemed it warm enough to take it outside, Yea for not getting high on sealant!

You can see how the ink pulled out the edges of the ABC's just perfectly.

I love all of the texture of the different letters.

Sorry for yet another tease on the girls's room but the bunk bed is going in today! Yippee!

Update: To see how it looks in the finished room go here.

As always, the best part of this project is that it was FREE!!!

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  1. oh wow!! wow!! thats lovely!! I love this idea!! Do come visit Colours Dekor.. Have a fab weekend..