Free Craigslist Table

This is my old coffee table. It's big. It's ugly. It's a secret Never Never Land where stuff is swept under when company is on it's way.

I saw this in the free section on Craigslist.

 It's much smaller. It's ugly. You can't store anything under it.

They have nothing in common except the ugly part and well, you know me. 

So I sanded.

And sanded.

And sanded.

I waxed.

I primed.

I painted.

I glazed.

And glazed.

And glazed.

I painted and glazed some more.

Then I sanded some.

And I waxed some.

I gave it a coat of sealant.

Took another good look at the beautiful details....

And then sentenced my poor Beauty to live in the house of dirty socks and rowdy kids. 

And ya, don't be getting any ideas. I totally vacuumed for you guys.  


Note: I have no idea what kind of wood that is but that is the natural color with a clear wax over it. 

Project cost: $0 
The table was free off of Craigslist and everything else I had on hand.

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  1. It's SO AWESOME *said in a very high pitched squeaky jealous voice.

  2. Love you style, girl! Click click and I'm your newest follower. Come say hi sometime over at dear Helen Hartman.

  3. Very nice, Megan! I love them!

  4. You've been awarded! Visit http://kicards.blogspot.com/2011/04/and-winner-is.html for details!