Craigslist Chair Reveal!

First of all let me say that reupholstering a chair is NOT easy BUT the sense of accomplishment was well worth it! First lets start with a few before shots just as a reminder:

This poor chair reminded me of the cheer that was on the preview of Bicentennial Man. 
You ain't got no alibi, 
You ugly, 
Yeah, yeah, yeah you ugly!
LOL, I have no idea why that's stuck with me so long. I don't think it's even in the movie. Any how...

I started taking apart this lovely thing and it was just as ugly on the inside as it was out. It had more thumb tacks in it than an Office Depot! 

Oh, and SURPRISE!! It had been refinished before. These sweet little buttons were inside holding the upholstery buttons in place when I took it a part! My question is who picked the color?

Since this was my first go-round with anything like this I had my mom help me out. Thanks Mom:) We staple this poor little thing to death covering it for the inside and then stapled the out side over it come more!
And when we needed a breather from that I pounded in a little more metal with upholstery tacks!

It's so pretty! Nice and neat.

You can see some of my staple job on the back here too. AND your first glimpse of the ruffle I actually sewed!!!! To you this may be nothing but sewing machines and I have a long hard history. Not a good one. 

 I had originally planned on using these little beauties to replace the old ones and decide didn't like the look. If you know me though, you know I found something else to do with them:) 

How cute is that, right?


Are you ready for it?

A before and after?

You're sure?

Alright then, here she goes.....

Yeah, take that for a first timer. 

And again... 

And one more time....

Not bad. I'm definitely not ready to give a tutorial or anything but hopefully this will encourage you all to do something new.
Here's to trying new things.

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  1. That looks amazing! Good job!

  2. Cute! Great job! I really like your finished chair!

  3. How awesome is that! You did a great job and the fabric is to die for!

    Take care,

  4. Thanks everyone! I love reading all of your wonderful comments!

  5. agreed! great choice on fabric! it looks great!

  6. Adorable fabric! Great job!

  7. Wow, what a makeover!! Love that fabric and the little added touches. Nice job!